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[ Rolleston Shed ]

The Saga of the Rolleston shed...

(by A.Parsons. with apologies to any real poets...)

Out to Rolleston, Sunday fair and bright
A shed to remove - used for pumping sh.. sewage (sorry it doesn't rhyme!)   
Volunteers were there, so bright and early
Plus one large dog, coat shiny and curly.

The tools were in hand, dismantling started
Trusses unbolted - the top was parted.
Removed was the roof, laid down so gently
Good progress so far, task elementary.

A pipe and large valve, which through the side passed
The hole was too small - the faces downcast
Remove the valve, to unbolt it they must
The nuts looked corroded - covered in rust.

Out came the spanners, Whitworth & metric
Much force was applied - torque doing its trick
The pipe and the contents, still under pressure
Sprayed over Derek, who had smelt better...
Shed dismantled! On grass they reclined
But whither the dog? - No sign could they find
Searching high and low, the brothers did look
Oh! there the dog is, gone swimming the brook.

The dog recaptured, and led back in shame
Load up the trailer - now that was the aim
Volunteers working, dirty but happy
Plus one large dog, coat smelly and crappy.

Back to Claymills, the shed to offload
For our small engines - a covered abode
Our thanks to Andy, who lent the trailer
Well done the team, success not failure.

So to our council, John Bonnet he wrote
Plans to be granted - that is our hope
The shed to rebuild. a home for our steam
A further step forward for the Trust team.

(This was first published in our December 1999 newsletter)