Claymills Victorian Pumping Station   [ Steam Powered ]

Boiler House

Boilers 1-3 (unrestored) Boilers 4,5 (restored) Automatic stokers (line shafting, hoppers and feed mechanism)

The boiler house contains five Lancashire boilers built by Thompson's. The originals were replaced by the current five in 1936/7.
When the station was operating two would be in use at any one time, with another on standby.
Coal was delivered by rail to the station's own sidings. The coal was shovelled out of the wagons into the bunker by hand.
It was then shovelled a second time into the hoppers from where the mechanical stokers sprinkled it onto the fires.

Standby boiler feed pump

The standby boiler feed pump is currently used to supply cooling water to the beam engines, but can be quickly changed back to supply the boiler if required.

Out through the south door and turn right into the feed pump house
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